Now it all started when two of your favourite Aussie battlers from Sydney’s South Coast, Matt Ford and Jack Steele from The Inspired Unemployed, met Nick Cogger - a health-conscious drink enthusiast from Torquay - and talked about beer. They wanted to create the beer that they thought was missing, and that they did.

They took the average beer and asked "what can we do to make it better?", and the answer was simple- remove the bad and add more of the good. So they teamed up to create the Better Beer Company and together created their dream beer: a refreshing Zero Carb lager, that in their words is the “crispest beer in the world", and canned the ultimate 'Oprah Tinfrey'.

“We’ve always wanted to have our own beer brand, I think every young Australian bloke does,” says Matt. “There are not many zero carb beers out there, so we thought launching a crisp, refreshing and healthier alternative for us and our mates was the best idea ever!”

The Better Beer family has successfully grown over the last two years since it launched, and has something for everyone -Zero Carb, Ginger Beer, Middy, Arvo Ale & Zero Alc.

Check out the origin story: