Say g'day to Better Beer

Better Beer is brought to you by Aussie comedians, Matt Ford & Jack Steele (pictured) and Nick Cogger- a health-conscious drink enthusiast and publican from Torquay.

Launched only in November 2021, Better Beer is the fastest growing beer brand in the last 20 years.

Zero Carb

Our award-winning, crisp and mighty refreshing beer has zero carbs and zero sugar.

It's simply made of the good stuff-
water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

4.2% | 355mL cans | 330mL stubbies | 50L kegs


A crisp & refreshing mid strength beer, with a super clean finish.

With only 3% alc. per can, now every day of the week can be a “day for it".

3% | 355mL cans | 50L kegs

Arvo Ale

Made using Pale Wheat Malt, Arvo Ale is an easy drinking Pacific Ale bursting with tropical passionfruit and citrus
flavours from the Galaxy and Vic Secret Hops.

It's probably one of the most refreshing craft beers
out there. Probably.

4.2% | 355mL cans | 50L kegs

Zero Alc

It's crisp, refreshing, and is the perfect beer for when you're not on the beers.

How do we get it 'Zero Alc'? We utilise the vacuum evaporation method, which keeps the beer tasting like, well, beer.

<0.5% | 355mL cans

Ginger Beer

This guy has 50% less sugar than your usual alcoholic ginger beer, with only 4g sugar per 100mL, and even better, she's gluten-free and has no artificial sweeteners. How good.

Our Ginger Beer is made from a seltzer base
(rice, water, yeast), ginger juice, cane sugar,
natural flavours & citric acid.

4% | 355mL cans | 50L kegs

Better Beer: The Origin Story